I selected this varietal for my first release as each vintage, my father would make my mother and I a special ‘batch’ of Sauvignon Blanc in his home cellar. He knew this was our favourite. And each year he was so determined to make it to our liking and was always nervous when we sampled it for the first time.  Just before tasting each vintage he would remind us that we needed to remember the wine was still young and that over time it would become more integrated and balanced.

He would wait patiently while we tasted and I think he knew I was always ready to tease him. I would immediately declare
“…but Papa I told you before we don’t like any residual sugar - remember we like our wines fermented bone dry.” He would shake his head with a small smile and say “…but Drea it needs some sugar for body on the mid-palate and to balance the acidity.” And then each year I would sigh and say “Well okay Papa, if you say so, but remember your promise not to age it in oak again, you know Mama and I don’t like any oak in our wines.” He would then grin and with a little chuckle say ‘I know, I know.…that was only one year that I made it with oak.’

It was an annual ritual that unfortunately came to end in 2017 when my father was making his last vintage of wine in his home cellar, so it seemed a fitting tribute to launch my own Sauvignon Blanc in his memory. The aromas and flavours are bright and fresh with classic gooseberry notes on the nose and palate. Fermented in only stainless steel of course, with only a very, very small touch of residual sugar.